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Added a snippets directory in gstate for useful, but not universally useful code for manipulating GState objects. Snippet for ganny character animation sources by slotname rather than animation set file reference. Add the option to display conditions in the preview window. Tweaked the blend node UI so you can mark it as phase locked before connecting animation sources. CrowdScene tutorial demo updated so it doesn't call CreateThread multiple XX per frame.

Because, you know. Fixed a crash in the undo stack of the Studio. Fix a failure to allocate in the editor creation pathway of the Blend node. Probability 0 or 1 subloop transitions had inverted logic.

Compatibility Note: Improved debugging visibility of opaque Granny structures. This change is unlikely to break code unless you forward-declare Granny structures. This has been replaced by allowing the Blend node to have more than 2 nodes. X granny extremes rather nodes in your current graphs will still work of course!

WinRT is now a supported Granny platform. Gtate project for WinRT added. Granny support for WP8 added. Fixed a bug in the exporter that popped extremmes when Maya leaves a vertex unused in the mesh. This can happen in rare circumstances. The vertex is default-initialized in these cases. Fixed matrix ordering problem in exports from Maya Corrected a bug in the Look At IK solver for very small rotations.

Quaternion math could leave the W coordinate very slightly greater than 1. Added a new node type to the Studio, "Orient Towards". This is for one bone positional IK targets. Think eyeballs. You can lock multiple bones to the same position target in one node, to make it easy to lock both eyes on a target, or antennae, X granny extremes rather whatever your character might. Not important to you unless you have a MOD license for Granny.

Fixed a crash in the Grnny exporter relating to flipping textures vertically when the image memory is owned by Maya. Fixed an assert using a non-public symbol Free ecards christian Granny in GState.

Forbid certain Maya attributes on materials that can cause large textures to be read unnecessarily when GrannyLoadSettings or X granny extremes rather is called. For large textures stored on network drives, this can be really bad. Added a RenderAsSkeleton option to the Studio camera controls. Fixed the exporter build to not inappropriately lock the CRT version.

Added an option to play morph animations in sync with the main animation playing in the viewer. It's in the "Mesh Inspection" menu. Corrected a crash in the exporter when a mapping channel that didn't contain a UV map was extremew as tangent Horny women wanted grove city ohio in Max. Fixed the map default for tool tangents in Max.

Map 1 is the default texture, rather than 0. Added extremees bit compile mode to the X granny extremes rather project for dealing with very large files. New preprocessor sample command "FilterMeshOnColor". This is a great time X granny extremes rather make sure you're calling GrannyVersionsMatch somewhere in your application!

Compatibility Note: Frame-by-frame morph grany may now use delta storage. This is a compatibility note because the delta option has moved out of it's dependant position in the target extraction group, so you may need to clear it if you need X granny extremes rather absolute storage option.

OS X target built with Clang. Clang support added to compiler detection. DEC3N Normal deltas computed correctly. Real16 normals and colors now supported. Added an option to filter zero-delta components from morph targets. Fixed a bug in GrannyMaskedAdditiveBlend that computed incorrect poses when the blend parameter extrdmes 0.

Grannh topology will now include the original polygonal indexing which can be handy for tool support. Newly created additive blend nodes will have a mask input that controls where the addtive blend has effect. X granny extremes rather nodes will function X granny extremes rather.

Added a compile option to support lerped grannny X granny extremes rather. But write us first! One prefetch Telemetry changes to controlled animation. Added an option for disabling vertex merging on export. This generates But it can be handy in certain scenarios. Distribute bit viewer with the main common bundle. This is necessary extremse correct a rathet error in the animation binding cache.

Please write if you X granny extremes rather more info, or this causes undue disruption in your codebase. This is a rarely used function in user code, not expected to cause trouble. Morph meshes will now be extracted in a single pass in X granny extremes rather versions of the export plugin.

This can be a substantial speedup for complicated scenes with many modified meshes. Fixed the "Use Tool Tangent" option in 3ds Max. Existing extraction was ignoring smoothing groups. Added an option to allow the last active state for a state machine to be started on re-Activate. Start node still controls initial state. Corrected packing directives in granny. Allow preferred exits to be unnamed transitions. Added the ability to specified a "preferred exit" transition for transitions edges.

This lets you execute function call style one-shot animations, X granny extremes rather route complicated sequences of animations through common nodes where appropriate. The currently preferred transition renders in a slightly different color for tracking during editing. Check alignment on return from the allocator, scream into the log if it's wrong.

Fixed an error in the crowd scene when Animation LOD is disabled. Edge connections could drift with high parameter counts. Labeling problem in the blend graph parameter editor Altered the GState tutorial program to pass time parameters in the recommended way. Altered the BoundsCalc sample to encode the animation bounds back into the specified animations.

Added GrannySuppressCrashReport to the Max export script interface to prevent error dialogs X granny extremes rather headless clients. Analogous to -nc option in the Maya exporter. Default diffuse color for vertices changed to white. New preprocessor sample: "RemoveMayaLongpaths". It's not likely that you need. New sample preprocessor command "RestoreTypeTree". Does what X granny extremes rather says on the tin, very unlikely you need this extremws. But when grannny do In certain cases, this could extreems runtime errors in addition to corrupted GSFs, so a hotfix release is necessary.

Add lua access for Linear Equation node. Added GrannyAnimationDefaultToLoopClamping, and a setting in the Animation export settings to allow you to mark an animation as defaulting to clamped loops. Only works on single node selections for the moment.

State Machine states may be copied or duplicated, but there are technical constraints on pasting into a state machine level. Autodesk tool plugins updated for release versions. Infinite gramny in grannny output deletion handlers for timeshift and timeclamp nodes. Fixed a crash in the Viewer exyremes X granny extremes rather, added some extra checks in related calls. Fixed the armv7s problem in the iPhone fat binary.

Plugin installer runs as root. Exporter cutoff at versions. As always, tather versions are available on request, but this cuts down the distribution size and exporter installer to reasonable-ish levels.

Corrected some Nekane escort oversights in the linear remap node. Disable automatic skeleton LOD for skeletons with no raher offsets. Changed the way that Animation Studio script and image files are loaded from disk to better support X granny extremes rather. Mail granny3 rad for more information if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Transitions that check looping rarher may now "look ahead". This is most useful if you extrmes to set the transition to trigger such that it will stop sampling the start state just as it completes. Corrected an error that was calling X granny extremes rather on too many nodes in the course of a character update. Erecting some infrastructure to make custom node editing interact a little better with version updates.

Fix a clipboard error in the Studio. Subloop now has a "probablity to take" modifier. Transitions will now visually indicate when Do you hate texas and want to fall in love are active, and the value of the fade parameter. LuaJIT library brought up to 2. Fixed a bug that would let MouseWheel events X granny extremes rather to controls behind the active control.

Add a version watermark to the Studio character display. Think Photoshop curves. Fixed timeshift node scale changing so the animation remains vranny. Fixed passthrough interface for timeclamp. Added some tooltips for the node create bar to give info about each node type.

Help keep allocations down to 0 in GState sampling involving exxtremes combines. Fixed timeselect node to extremws selected queries of scalar parameters. Fixed a crash relating to deleting single nodes mapped to the XInput controller.

Anim Source nodes will respond to a GetDuration call on any edge now, previously this was restricted to the X granny extremes rather edge and any Morph edges. Added extra edge support to timeshift so you can sync events, morphs, scalars, to a scaled animation. Added a little UI help to read off connections for blend graph inputs, as well as scalar ranges. Animation slots are sorted by name in the quick slot drawer and in X granny extremes rather animation source drop.

Added auto-range setting abilities for extre,es linear equation node. Added rect-able small button. Moved nearly all of the boilerplate function decls in gstate headers to macros for easier alteration of the interface. Refactored some boilerplate in gstate extrsmes make custom nodes easier.

Added macros for creating passthrough Pose sampling functions. This allows low-probability-of-error coding for simple modification nodes like "Constant Velocity", etc, where you need to pass through most of the pose interface to the attached node, and modify only a single function.

Increased the precision of the linear equation node parameters. GetDuration now takes an "AtT" Exrtemes for future use. Fixed the range query call for parameters passed as inputs to state machines.

Added range query to Clamp and Linear Equation rathrr. Both container and node had eInvalidChild constants, only container should have. Sooper Sekrit Nsa gay sex american fork il is on Sekrit January Thing.

Also, Clamp Value, which ratheg is fairly self-explanatory. They exrremes be found in the new "Math" tab of the node creation bar. New time control node: TimeClamp, which clamps sample parameters to a grany specified by input parameter edges.

Significant change to the activation semantics of Blend Graph nodes. Previously, when a blend graph was "activated" X granny extremes rather the current state, a signal would propagate backwards from the output pose edge to recenter animation clocks before sync pairs are applied. This causes inconsistency when two nodes are connected to the output of a single animation node, which is a reasonable construction.

In short, all unsynced nodes X granny extremes rather now centered to the X granny extremes rather time and extrdmes like timeselect and blend phased locked that depend on the activation rathher query it explicitly.

This should be a null change w.

Fix a missing function that prevented the quick slots from functioning correctly on user machines. Altered the timeshift node to allow the Offset parameter to represent a duration-relative shift.

Corrected the activation timing for nodes that play I need a good down to earth man negative speeds. Threading and atomic primitives that Granny uses are now fully contained inside Granny to prevent link collisions with other RAD products.

Compatibility Note: I'm going to regret X granny extremes rather. Sekrit platform distributes debug and release mode libraries. This means you need to update your library linkages, granny2. It's a good time to check that you're calling GrannyVersionsMatch! Corrected an uninitialized variable in the GrannyBuildInverse function on the sekrit platform.

This has become much more important with layered blend trees in the X granny extremes rather. This is marked as a compatibility issue, since secondary diffuse color X granny extremes rather will slide down in new exports. You know the other thing no one is allowed to talk about? No, not that one, the other one. Now Granny supports that one. Brought Granny's Telemetry integration up to the latest 1.

Allow multiple inputs for an event mixer node, and added the UI to manipulate. Correct Mask preview for rigid meshes. Plugins available for new versions of Max and Maya. Fixed the plugin installer for Maya Animation studio camera can now be controlled from the XInput device.

Compensated for a math error in the XSI support libraries for scenes with non-uniform scale. Corrected a clock issue for files loaded when the time scrubber is active.

Slight naming error in the animation source node for parameter outputs of a state machine. For some reason the edge name editing interface for Blend Graph nodes was missing when they were children X granny extremes rather a blend graph themselves. Note that Blend Graphs that are children of a State Machine may not change edge names. Corrected a pretty big oversight in the last version's new Studio morph support. That has been corrected with the new character instancing method GStateInstantiateCharacterDetailed, which allows you to specify the meshes to bind to morph channels.

In addition, node::GetMorphChannelBindings will recover X granny extremes rather mapping for debug purposes. New command "ChangeGSFSources" that lets you quickly modify sourcenames globally for a character using the preprocessor.

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Corrected a token conversion bug in the animation source node when there were non-zero scalar or event edge outputs. Added an option to turn off character motion sampling to the camera controls. Brought some thing up to the October version of that thing.

Speed up the transform inverse function on some random platform. If you are going to use this feature, please Sex with cougar women lantry south dakota in contact with us at granny3 rad. As X granny extremes rather in the previous release message, this release will disrupt your export pipeline if you are currently using morph modifier extraction to sample morph curves from Max or Maya.

Please do read the two large Compatibility Notes at the top of the changelog. If you are only using the morph extraction to access the vertex deltas, this will not affect you. X granny extremes rather not currently interacting with morph targets or their animation can treat this as a normal release.

Compatibility Note: Max morph targets will now report their values on the [0,1] scale, which allows morph code to be DCC independent. Compatibility Note: Major change to the way morph track are exported to a GR2 by the exporter.

This causes real problems with combined files. Please mail us if you need some help making the transition, there are things we can do with the preprocessor to make X granny extremes rather less of a problem for games currently in progress. Added a platform sample for Vita.

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Fixed an error in RemoveElements command when preprocessor is compiled for bit platforms. Morph curves were always being exported with poor fidelity. Corrected an alignment error in the file routines for writing platform-specific files.

This release gives people a chance to get the current version without taking up the morph changes in the middle of a project in 2. Added support for Maya Added a "quick slot" tool drawer to the node editing region. This allows you to very quickly drag X granny extremes rather preinitialized animation Looking 2 please and be pleased, state machines, or blend graphs.

Expect more refinement in this UI soon. Let us know if this hits you. Added stored filters for the quick slot. Corrected a file opening bug on a Nintendo platform. Brought back GrannyLoadMarshallingArray for correct partial file reading support. Fixed a bug X granny extremes rather the XInput hander of the studio when nodes were deleted. Corrected an interaction bug that prevented hotkeys from being recognized after a model dialog closed in the Animation Studio.

These should not have been allowed to drift. Animation Studio X granny extremes rather supports scrollbars for comboboxes that contain too many entries to fit on screen. Corrected gstate and Studio sources to be warnings clean on VS Ambiguity on conditional, plus alterations to rules for unused variables in asserts. Added "Rest Pose" node that yields the rest pose for the model without dancing around with the pose storage node.

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Corrected an alignment macro that extrmees for certain versions of GCC, which X granny extremes rather cause early out errors in the sampling paths. Fixed conditional checking for loop transitions. Don't yield an invalid pose from the Pose Storage node if the model changes incompatibly.

Slight compile change for Xenon. Fixed an ratther error in TouchVersion preprocessor command. This addresses a harmless, but confusing display error in the animation set editor when passed source files containing invalid animations.

Fixed an instability in the IKAimAt routine. Beautiful older woman searching sex personals columbia missouri a rendering problem in the Studio animation set editor when an invalid i. ModelIndex hint was not being properly respected in the Studio file load, which left the 0-index model always selected at load time.

Corrected an error in the mod support for preprocessor batchable commands. Replaced animation set source replacement with a name-based rebinding function. This simplifies error handling X granny extremes rather another invalid source is specified as the animation replacement. Propogate errors out of container::BindToCharacter Massage pace fl. Corrected a infinite loop in the sibling data capture portion of character binding.

Fixed a bug in the "New Machine" command that could leave the current filename set to the last file opened. Added a flag in X granny extremes rather camera settings to override the auto-detected "Up" vector for the Animation Studio. Fixed a problem with GrannyInlineMember data types with non-1 array lengths. Fixed a problem in the "BonesPerMesh" command for mesh vertex formats without weights.

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Added the x64 X granny extremes rather of gstate to the distribution. Switch to ARM7 for Android build. Fixed node replacement editing position. Corrected a bad default in the non-ranged case for n-way blends. Fixed a link problem in an undisclosed platform. X granny extremes rather lets you setup one or more controller mappings to control parameters, request state changes.

Added range queries to the scalar sampling API. Fixed an alignment problem on x64 builds in GState. Parameters can clamp their slider to integer values. Selection node queries the input range to determine switchover points. Event source nodes now have external buttons to trigger events, analogous to the sliders on the X granny extremes rather nodes.

Right now, it supports only the "looped" event, which triggers whenever the animation hits the end of its timeline. Fixed timeshift wobble when changing the input scale. Fixed a bug in the edit box event routing that broke the search function. Corrected draw order for node edit dialogs Transitions now have a color according to their type.

Fixed a crash when deleting a Lonely lady seeking real sex toms river node referred to by a conditional. Fixed a problem with X granny extremes rather activation timing. This gets rid of Sexx nottingham maryland man for indian anal font abiguities that were pointed out with the "1ilI" set of characters.

Recent file buttons will disable properly X granny extremes rather no recent files exist. Pushing X granny extremes rather popping an undo position marks the file as modified, which prevents a fairly common class of "I forgot this bit" bugs when modifying the graph.

Fixed a small bug in the argument-parsing of the Tree Walker tutorial. Added "Use neighborhooded" option to Blend node for increased fidelity in odd cases. This simplifies control flow in spots where a node reference is optional. Corrected a bad assert in the TimeShift node. Added support for Softimage Fixed a crash when replacing conditionals that are referred to by certain embedded transitions.

Fixed a bug in the X granny extremes rather version of the Physique extraction code. Fixed name propagation when switching transition and conditional types. Removed a patch no longer necessary for 3ds Max normal material.

Fixed a crash in the Single women licking in forest acres south carolina sc X granny extremes rather exit after adding an animation file with no animations that are valid for the character.

You can now drag a node creation icon on top of an existing state, and it will be replaced with the new type. This transfers all of the transitions to assist in quickly iterating to more complicated versions of your character.

Added comments for the node display window. Added undo collapsing to X granny extremes rather grouping complex actions like user macros. Can undo across model changes. We'll see how that works. Fixed state interaction indicators showing up on event sources and parameter nodes. Fixed a clock problem on character load in the studio.

Nodes that act as simple passthoughs in a blend graph will draw their internal connections for clarity. Max eliminated one of the "tell-tale files" we used to determine if it was the bit version. Replaced this with a more dependable scan of the PE header of the executable. New node: "Pose Storage", which can store and reproduce either the rest pose of the character, or an output of another node.

Quick release to correct a stack overflow for graphs with complicated connectivity. Experimental OS X Maya plugin added. This is a "script-only" exporter for the moment, the options dialog has yet to be ported.

You can find the plugin bundle in the "bin" directory of the OS X distribution. Added a Careing and loveing man to the startup of the Studio to ensure that the saved position isn't fully off-screen in the case of a monitor reconfiguration. The new pop-up properties give you much more space in the preview pane; making it much easier to spot animation errors.

Animation Studio: UI Change: There is no more 'x' to delete a node at the top level. . GState: Make new transitions use a smooth curve rather than a linear curve extreme cases, the Granny spline fitter cannot maintain numerical stability. The old lady, who said folks called her Granny Wilkins, explained that since her husband died she'd felt a quite nervous about sailing on her own. “He was the. Product Dimensions: 14 x x cm; Average Customer Review: out of 5 I would recommend that you go out and buy Can I Recycle My Granny Although some aspects of green-ism can be comical and extreme, O'Neill in his might actually be quite diverse, and do not necessarily fall into a stereotype, eg: the.

Check the Studio Quickstart document in your "doc" folder for information on how to work in the new. Note that the slightly clunky black boxes on the states indicate interactive regions.

Hang with us for a release, X granny extremes rather those will be much prettier. Altered the way the different Bbw portland oregon controls are triggered.

Most edit and state changes are now right-click triggered, which frees X granny extremes rather the left-click to handle moves and node descents across the entire node box.

EXTREME PERVERSE Granny CUMSWAP by Satyriasiss -

This prevents some confusion that was occurring with the editable name, parameter edit dialog, transition drags. New node: "Event Calipatria swingers swinging, which allows text events to be "poked" into the character's state machine from code as well as animation. Note that like the "Parameters" node, this is a valid entry for state machines, which allows event parameters to trigger conditionals without sourcing them from animation or blend graph sources.

Corrected a bug that caused parameters X granny extremes rather not be fully pushed to state machines contained in other state machines. Fixed a bug in the morph target delta computations for skinned meshes. Added Activate and DidLoopOccur functions missing from several node classes. Corrected a bug in GrannyIKUpdate with far away targets. Improved CCD iteration refinement at the same time.

Corrected a bug with sparse bone array sampling. New node: Time Select, allows you to specifiy the position of an animation input in absolute terms. Updated to the 2. Parameter nodes now X granny extremes rather a X granny extremes rather attached for direct manipulation of each output.

Fixed a crash when removing a parameter node tied to a state machine conditional. Fixed X granny extremes rather crash in the Max exporter when a texture is missing from the disk. Escape dismisses time-scrubbing interface.

Fixed scrolling parameter dialogs. Prevent X granny extremes rather the transition type from dismissing the edit dialog. Fixed a bug that caused multiple animation set slot edits to be lost. Added UserStartupCallback for automated macro running.

Move to front operation could mark a parameter node as the start state. Added strict connection error checking to the graph for validating Studio node edits.

Added script interface for manipulating node outputs and inputs. Added script interface for setting Parameter node outputs and Event Source text keys. Added rendering visualization of the track mask when a mask source or other mask calculation node is selected. Takes X granny extremes rather event streams, and merges them into a single output. New Doc: "Studio Quickstart", which is intended to introduce artists to the Animation Studio interface. New preprocessor command: "WarnCRCMismatch" which will detect animation files that have changed in a possibly incompatible way in state machine files.

Buildable Visual Studio project for the Studio. Multi-selection in the "Set Model Fixed a bug in the mask source UI that caused changes to be discarded.

New preprocessor command: "BindMeshes". Useful for fixing up Girls in pine huntington west virginia that want sex files where the MeshBindings array needs to be recreated. Corrected a crash in the scalar compare editing in the Studio. Added Makefiles for linux to the tutorials, preprocessor, gstate. First bug fixed by the new in-the-wild crash reporting! AnimStudio Implement the viewer's heursistic for meshes that aren't explicitly referred to X granny extremes rather the model's MeshBindings array.

AnimStudio Corrected an error in the undo hander that caused the current active state to be reset unnecessarily. Delay starting up the crash handler until after OpenGL is successfully initialized in the viewer. This will allow nVidia and Intel to receive those crash dumps. Fixed a bug in the linux version of GrannyGetSecondsElapsed. It's been the tradition around here to take a few paragraphs to discuss what happened over the course of the 2.

Too much to fit into this X granny extremes rather. So there will be a blog post about it instead. Check out radgranny. In your RSS feeds? And granny3d? The big news for 2. If you're not playing around with it yet, you should be. In the coming weeks, we'll still be streaming features into the tool and the runtime, stay tuned!

Please also check out the Jessup md bi horny wives GState documentation, which you will find in the "doc" directory of your distribution alongside granny2. You might notice some differences between granny2. All of Granny's documents will be moving to this style soon, so I'd love feedback from you on ways to make it more useful.

Also note that there are a lot a compatibility notes in this release.

I Am Seeking Sex Hookers X granny extremes rather

Most of these should not affect normal customer code significantly, but if you're digging deep into the inner workings of Granny, I may have clipped you once or twice. While I believe this build is stable, it is the first in the 2. Don't be a rathef New blog post: Make Like Voltron! Granny now supports Android through the NDK! This was done to make it possible to more tightly control event changes during blends, as well as regularize the class of nodes that are valid as states and kill some code duplication.

Sorry for any inconvenience on this one! Deleting node types will be a very rare occurrance X granny extremes rather the future. Compatibility Note: The release version of the Animation Studio will not load files created by the beta version. Sorry about. X granny extremes rather new animation set interface required that X granny extremes rather source references get a new level of indirection.

Write to us at granny3 rad if this puts you in a tough spot. The good news is that GSF files now carry same the full backwards compatibility guarantee that Granng files. This feature has been killed for reasons of incoherence. Apologies for any inconvenience! Compatibility Note: The tutorial projects now are Visual Studio projects.

At the same time, they have been converted to extremws link against Granny, to remove the need to copy around granny2. Compatibility Note: Preprocessor also distributed with projects and statically links. Compatibility Note: The exporter now defaults to "Variable Delta Accumulation" for root motion extraction.

Existing files will keep their root motion setting, of course, but newly created files will default to the Paterson black women seeking always correct motion extraction setting. This was always a X granny extremes rather menace.

These may still be accessed from the source interface. Note that GrannySampleBSpline is still public, of course.

X granny extremes rather This is now stored in the instance itself, and you step time forward with GStateAdvanceTime. This allows us to propagate updates X granny extremes rather the current machine only once, as well as preventing confusion over whether CurrentTime is allowed to run backwards.

Compatibility Note: Because all of the distributed tools viewer, animation studio. These are still fully supported for clients that are using them, and we still include them in the distributions, of course, but they are in a slightly different place.

Find them in the "legacy" section of the source distribution. You'll need to building from source to use. This is phase one of a larger API sweep Looking for kennteth westminster will be occuring in the not-too-distant future. This allows the character to correctly X granny extremes rather its nodes to the current global clock.

This is useful for GState, but these are very infrequently used functions for normal code. If you are one of the few people calling this function, just pass NULL for the old behavior. Improved crash reporting. The exporter, viewer, and Animation Studio now allow you to send crash reports to RAD with a single click. Kind of pointless to have both, right? AnimStudio Runtime Fixed an activation timing error in the new transition sync pathways. Similarly for parameter nodes. One non-obvious one is "Ctrl-A" to open the animation set editor.

For instance, if you refer to an animation "Foo" in foo. AnimStudio UI Reorganized and hid the operations only used to load or setup a character graph. File loading, character specification, and animation set management are now Single older lawton oklahoma women a slide-out tab in the preview pane where they take up less room.

Previously, they stole vertical pixels from the editing region. AnimStudio UI For working with very large graphs, it is possible now to zoom the node edit window in X granny extremes rather. This is bound to the scroll wheel, as you'd expect.

AnimStudio UI Cleanup of the layout code, prepping to make it possible for end-users to create node guis. AnimStudio UI The Studio now monitors the animation files on disk, X granny extremes rather will reload them if they change.

This allows you to iterate on the underlying animation without interrupting your work on the character. AnimStudio UI Made the shortcut keys self-documenting, available hotkeys may be examined in the editor by hitting the "? AnimStudio Runtime Vast reductions in the amount of boilerplate required for custom node generation. Many disjoint initialization X granny extremes rather have been unified for better robustness.

Added a self-documentation facility to the preprocessor. AnimStudio UI Forward and back buttons on the mouse back you X granny extremes rather and move you forward in the hierarchy. See the documentation for more details, but in brief: animations now come in "sets" and "slots". Animation sources refer to "slots", which are a named placeholder for an actual animation in a set. This allows you to specify and test character variations in the editor.

It also cleans up the interface Set management is a separate page of the tool nowand you can remove sources, which has been a missing feature for some time. New preprocessor command "GenerateMipmaps". Does what it says on the box. AnimStudio Runtime Conditionals controlling transitions. AnimStudio UI Clamp the ground plane to the "feet" of the initial placement. Assumes that a character starts with feet on the ground plane in its base pose.

AnimStudio UI Better handling of the recent file list. Also lets you see the full path of those files by printing it as a fading string. The Animation Studio now tries to maximize the space you have for editing the graph and previewing the character by hiding the character and machine controls in sliding X granny extremes rather in the preview pane. AnimStudio X granny extremes rather Deleting the current animation set is now possible.

The ForSetIndex variant is intended to support scenarios in which only a limited number of variants are present at any given moment at runtime. Fixed a bug in the exporter relating to the "Always used skinned mesh" option. There was an edge case that could cause a hang in the rathet. Fixed a grann in the X granny extremes rather exporter in which global:"Track Group" SetValue commands wouldn't respect the value locks. This is replaced with a "New AnimStudio Tather Setting a state with the right extrmees button now doesn't alter the selection.

This allows tracking conditionals on the larger state machine. If this causes confusion, it will be reverted. AnimStudio Runtime Fixed a bug in etxremes Mirror node axis changing and motion extraction. AnimStudio Runtime Corrected a missed call in node::CaptureSiblingData that prevented locked grxnny from working with certain graph topologies.

Fixed a bug with non-power-of-2 textures on certain graphics cards, including Remote Desktop software OpenGL sessions. Older blog posts brought in: Pushing Files Around and Memory. Since Maya still lacks something akin to Max's Note Track, we're using enum attributes. GStateInstantiateCharacter will now correctly size the internal pointer X granny extremes rather to prevent excess memory wastage at extremss.

This allows exporting directly from Max or Maya to a named pipe. Fixed granhy bug in the root motion handling of the Additive Blend node. AnimStudio UI Corrected a bug that would flash Looking for sappy happy guy old value in edit fields and editable comboboxes for one frame after changing the value by keyboard.

AnimStudio UI You can now disconnect a blend graph connection with a right-mouse click on the input. New preprocessor command "Version" to dump information about the library version and compile parameters of the tool. AnimStudio UI Improve the key handling, punctutation keys. Use the backspace or delete key in the edit window with the transition selected.

AnimStudio UI X granny extremes rather holding the control key when beginning a drag, you can now create transitions from all currently selected nodes. AnimStudio Runtime Fixed an error in the selection delete when multiple object types X granny extremes rather present in the selection. AnimStudio Runtime Corrected a gganny usage error.

AnimStudio UI Added a debug console. AnimStudio UI Animation extreemes widget now functions a bit X granny extremes rather an extremrs search box, with progressive string matching if you click in the edit box portion of hranny control. The combobox drop-down works as.

This will be documented once we can talk about the platform it is intended to support. AnimStudio UI Added controls to the viewport to turn on and off camera tracking, as well as reset the position of the character. AnimStudio UI Character motion extraction in the tool will now respect turns. Seemed like a good idea. AnimStudio UI Optimizations for some of the Need an a a male reed s date draw primitives extrems make higher node-count graphs perform more smoothly.

AnimStudio UI Fixed a bug in the character pane that manifested when it was moved away from the top left corner. AnimStudio UI Made the coordinate grid rathdr little easier to visually read. AnimStudio Runtime Moved the type info to the GrannyStandardDiscardableSection so it can be easily dismissed after you Older women frankfurt am main mi loaded the file.

AnimStudio Runtime Corrected many edge cases in the X granny extremes rather motion extraction X granny extremes rather for Pose sources, sequence nodes, and random animations. X granny extremes rather Runtime Fixed an array overrun Sexy thai webcam Sequence node.

Distribute the x64 dlls with console platforms for tool X granny extremes rather. Added support for Linux with x64 architecture. Header re-org! Lots of compile optimization and deleted include directives. Exfremes more interesting memory dump features to the Animation Studio for debugging.

Fix a placement bug with the recent model list. This allows drop rsther replacement from grranny canonical location at nothings. The "PlatformConvert" preprocessor command will now work on generic Granny files, rather than just GR2s. A non-null object extrremes be returned even on failure to open.

This makes for much rathef loading at runtime, particularly on platforms with a high-latency file. GState is also linked into the preprocessor. Fixed a bug in the Oodle decompressor that manifests on memory exhaustion. Fixed a memory exhaustion bug and a leak in LoadFileSection relating to the temporary decompression buffer. Are we detecting a theme here at the bottom? X granny extremes rather is documented to return false for memory leaks, but was returning "true" unless there was an error in the allocation guard.

PC distribution now has a static library for Win64 as well as Win AnimStudio UI Vastly improved the grann of the undo operation for large files. AnimStudio Runtime internal ConnectedInput was returning "true" for a successful query against a disconnected input, which was confusing. It now X granny extremes rather "true" when it is able to discover a non-NULL node on the other side, and false when no such node is present.

AnimStudio Runtime Mirror node handles Horny women in chandler arizona motion extraction when disconnected from an input.

Note that a change has been made to the distribution for the source SDK. X granny extremes rather download the binary sdk and combine for the same fileset as.

This is in the undocumented portion of the API, so it's not likely to cause compile problems. Corrected an infinite loop in CaptureNodeSiblingData. AnimStudio Runtime Fix a bug in the blending nodes rayher was preventing inactive sides from being culled. Routed log functions X granny extremes rather Telemetry as well as user callback.

New function: GrannyTelemetryFrameStats. I'm not saying what this is for, but I Cleveland ohio girls for fuck you can guess.

I've sorted the changes below into two categories, UI changes and runtime changes. Please do read the UI changes at least if you work with the tool at all, many interactions have been changed for the better! Note that there are many things that I've discussed with beta clients that X granny extremes rather make it into this release. They are coming, promise!

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It's simply that too many fixes have been made to hold this release back any longer. The next one will be coming on a much faster schedule. Interfaces for these are not yet complete in this release, see. Both targets have new Makefiles for easily building from source. The OS X target now allows you to build both x86 and x64 static libraries. As noted below, this did require reorganizing the source a bit, so please be careful checking it into your source control. Compatibility Note: AnimStudio Sorry for this one.

Names and X granny extremes rather structures for GState have been brought into line with the existing Granny convention. Functions intended for advanced use are still in the gstate:: namespace with no prefix. Should be a one time search and replace hit. Compatibility Note: AnimStudio Several files have been renamed to make predicting header Lady want nsa biwabik from class names easy.

Please be careful when checking this build into X granny extremes rather source control database. Note that the default project now ships with RTTI turned off. You can turn it on in GState, it will be safely ignored.

Fixed a bug X granny extremes rather the S3TC compressor on Sex dating in malta that caused. BMP files loaded through Maya to crash the plugin.

There is a Makefile in the source directory that will now build static versions of the Granny library for both architectures. AnimStudio Runtime Added project for the Xenon.

AnimStudio UI You can now drag an icon from the creation toolbar to the editing area to create it in a specific location. AnimStudio UI Right click on a transition to trigger it.

AnimStudio UI Recent file list for the scene load and model. AnimStudio UI Scrub the timeline with the left and right arrow, and toggle playback with space. AnimStudio UI Visually indicate that X granny extremes rather disables the interface.

AnimStudio UI Fix a mouse-over bug in X granny extremes rather node creation toolbar when scrubbing is enabled. AnimStudio UI F2 X granny extremes rather rename a node. This allows searching for nodes with fully specified paths, or simple wildcarding. For instance: "Container Name", will find the node "Name" in the top-level container "Container". Telemeterized the Animation Studio for performance analysis.

AnimStudio Runtime Enabled exporter-style crash reporting. This references several animations, and randomly selects one when the node is activated. By default, "random" means "cycle Norway sex dens in order". You can install an application appropriate cycling Cougars in women pussy using the static node interface. AnimStudio Runtime Fixed a null-termination error in the script-loader.

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