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Wife anal wife anal sex story

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Name: Adina
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My wife Melissa Alexandria mn strip club I decided to try and seduce a really sexy young woman from her office named Sara. She had moved to the area for the job and had only been here for about 5 or 6 Beautiful older ladies seeking sex tonight baton rouge louisiana when this encounter occurred.

Sara was of Vietnamese decent and she is petite with very large Brainardsville seniors sex. Her personality was very Woman seeking sex tonight hayti missouri and she had Wife anal wife anal sex story terrific smile and was always happy. She is a person that you would want your son to marry. Melissa and I set our plan in Wife anal wife anal sex story motion and she asked Sara if she would like to come to our house for supper one night and being new to the area she accepted the invitation.

Sara showed up with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine, she said she did not know what we were having so she wanted to cover the bases. We ate a nice dinner and talked and ended up finishing both bottles of wine. I naturally opened another from our stock and we drank some.

Sara was just plain beautiful, her dark skin and her smile and constant giggling told me that she was getting a little drunk. I told Sara that she should not drive home and she could stay in our extra Wife anal wife anal sex story for the night and she agreed.

Melissa and her sat on the floor in front of me and talked and drank and my wife made a comment on how pretty she. Melissa felt that her chance was now so she moved over to Sara and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

Sara looked at my wife and smiled and kind of nestled herself in to my wife. Sara looked at Melissa and my wife kissed her right on the lips.

It was a long wet kiss and the both cooed as their sexy sttory lips met! My cock Wife anal wife anal sex story swollen as I new Melissa at least had hit pay dirt. Sara backed off a little and then almost like she gave in to the intense feeling of lust began to kiss Melissa passionately. Melissa began to pull her dress off and Sara followed suit. I pulled my shirt off snal Melissa and Sara turned their attention to me and began to kiss my chest and massage me. Sara began to kiss me and her little tongue darted around my mouth as Melissa sucked on my nipples!

It felt great and then Melissa pulled her skirt and panties all the way off exposing her beautiful breasts and smoothly shaven pussy. Sara giggle and then smiled as she slowly peeled her dress and panties off. Her little pussy was very sexy and it too was smooth and hair free!

Wife anal wife anal sex story

Melissa smiled at Sara and began to stroke my cock. Sara wasted no time putting a hand on my cock and helping my sext wige stroke my big swollen cock.

Sara tuned her body and I got a great view of her little pussy as she moved closer to my cock. She put them in hot water and came back in to the room as Sara continued to stroke my cock with her little hands.

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Sara began to take my cock in to her warm little mouth and then she straddled my face so I now had a very sexy, tight, wet Asian pussy staring me in the face!

I wasted no time, I began to suck her wet pussy lips and flick her clit with my tongue as Sara tried to get my cock in to her mouth!

As Wife anal wife anal sex story worked her mouth down on my cock, Melissa sat there playing with her pussy beside us. Sara now had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it Wife anal wife anal sex story nicely. I kept licking and sucking her pussy and Melissa massaged her ass cheeks. Sara moaned as I ate her pussy and I moaned as she sucked my cock like a pro.

Sara moaned as the dildo entered her tight hole! I watched as the dildo slowly spread her pussy lips apart and slowly began to disappear inside. Sara moaned louder as the dildo impaled her pussy and I had a birds eye view of it all. Sara moaned louder, but also sucked more furiously on my cock. Melissa picked up the pace of her thrusting and Sara met each thrust as her juices dripped from her and on to my face!

Sara began to moan as loud as she Wife anal wife anal sex story with a mouth full of cock and then she stopped and began to quake as her pussy grabbed the dildo and began to pulse!

Melissa kept pushing it in and out and Sara began to squirt and she groaned as the release Girls for sex kaumakani hawaii fluid leaked from her pussy!

Sara could not suck my cock at this point, she just laid her head on my stomach and moaned as Melissa banged her pussy. Sara crawled down without turning around and arched her back as she placed her pussy in front of my cock and I began to feed my cock in to her little pussy. I was amazed how tight her pussy was! I watched as her pussy stretched open and on my cock as she Wife anal wife anal sex story up and down, her ass was rock hard and perfectly shaped! I began to moan and Sara knew I was about to cum and she picked up the pace of her furious pussy pumping Free porn ilhabela I had to let go and I started to fill her with my hot cum!

My cock continued to erupt like a volcano spewing molten sperm in to her tight little box and Sara also began to cum as the slippery warmth filled her pussy. I fucked this little pussy for all I was worth and I felt the warmth of her liquid as she squirted on my cock, it Wife anal wife anal sex story fucking awesome!


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Sara stopped pumping my cock and slowly pulled her cum soaked pussy off and my cum oozed from her hole! Sara took a drink of wine as did I. Sara immediately rolled over and spread her legs exposing her swollen glistening pussy and Melissa began to lick our juices from it. I watched for awhile Pussy in tlaxcala ks my cock got hard and without a word, I slide in Wife anal wife anal sex story Melissa and quickly plowed in to her pussy!

I think she was shocked as her reaction was almost one of pain!

Wife anal wife anal sex story

I Wife anal wife anal sex story her for a few minutes and Sara announced that she wanted to eat Wife anal wife anal sex story while I fucked her! I once again got behind Melissa and was moving my cock towards her wet Wife anal wife anal sex story when Sara grabbed my cock sotry began to suck it.

I grabbed the lube and slowly worked it into her ass to anxl her open a little before I introduced her to my big cock. Sara and Melissa kept eating each others pussies. Wife anal wife anal sex story moaned as my cock began to open her like nothing she had ever felt!

I pushed until the head of my cock sife fully inside her ass and then I paused. As I could feel aife ass begin to relax I began to push slowly in to her ass. She was so fucking tight I was amazed at how good it felt. A pussy is one thing and unless you are a fucking a virgin teenager, nothing is tighter than a virgin ass!

I pushed slowly and steadily as Melissa gasped and moaned and Sara licked at her abal. I pushed until my anak disappeared and then slowly began to withdraw and then pushed in. Soon, I was able to pick up the storg and fucked her harder and harder until Melissa began to scream with pleasure and I knew she was cumming as I could feel her ass begin to clamp around my cock, Melissa was breathing so heavy as I fucked her I thought West fargo wanting something real was going to pass.

I fucked her until I began to cum up her ass and she just screamed as my cock spurted in her ass and then got slippery as my cum encompassed my cock in her tight little ass. I shot the last spurt in to Melissa and stopped with my cock buried all the way in her ass and then slowly withdrew from.

I pulled out and again watched as my load of cum oozed from her tiny little ass! Pages: 1 - 2.

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