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Spying on the U.S. Submarine That Spies For the NSA and CIA

Snowden extracted from classified government computers before leaving the United States, according to senior Blind nsa date officials. Investigators remain in the dark about the extent of the data breach partly because the N.

Snowden worked — unlike other N. Six months since the investigation began, officials said Mr. Snowden had further covered his tracks by na into classified systems using the passwords of other security agency employees, as well as by hacking firewalls installed Blind nsa date limit access to certain parts of the.

That Mr.

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Obama on Friday. The White House said the report would not be made public until next month, when Mr. Obama announces which of the recommendations he has embraced and Blind nsa date he has rejected.

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Snowden gave his cache of documents to a small group of journalists, and some from that group have shared documents with several news organizations — leading to a flurry of exposures about spying Blind nsa date friendly governments. Snowden said he had given all of the documents he downloaded to journalists and kept no additional copies.

In recent days, a senior N. Snowden still had access to documents not yet disclosed.

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Snowden in exchange for those documents. Ledgett told CBS News. NSA's TAO Division Codewords

It would be more than just an assertion on his. Snowden is living and working in Russia under a one-year asylum.

The Russian government has refused to extradite Mr. Snowden, who was indicted by the Justice Department in Blind nsa date on charges of espionage and stealing government property, to the United States. Snowden has said he would return to the United States if Blnd was offered amnesty, but it is unclear whether Mr.

Obama — who would most likely have to make such a decision — would make such an offer, given the damage the administration has claimed Mr.

Because the N.

Snowden took, government Blind nsa date sometimes first learn about specific documents from reporters preparing their articles for publication — leaving the State Department with little Blind nsa date to notify foreign leaders about coming disclosures.

With the security agency trying to revamp its computer network in the aftermath of what could turn out to be the largest breach of classified information in American history, the Justice Department has continued its investigation of Mr.

According to senior government officials, F. Snowden methodically downloaded the files over several months while working as a government contractor at the Hawaii facility.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States David Kahn criticized the NSA's tactics of concealing its doings as smug and the Congress' blind faith in the agency's right-doing as shortsighted, . NSA Ant Catalog - Wiresless LAN - NIGHTSTAND, SPARROW II. An embedded computer system running BLINDDATE tools. Sparrow II is a fully functional. A never-before-published NSA manual makes it clear that malware It dates to no earlier than a mobile antenna system running software code-named BLINDDATE, depicted in the field in what appears to be Kabul.

They also believe that he worked alone, the officials said. But for all of Mr.

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After a similar episode in — when an Blind nsa date private, Chelsea Manning, gave hundreds of thousands of military chat logs and diplomatic cables to the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks — the Obama administration took steps intended to prevent another government employee from downloading and disseminating large volumes of classified material.

In OctoberMr.

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But one of the changes, updating computer systems to track Blind nsa date digital meanderings of the employees of intelligence agencies, occurred slowly. Lonny Anderson, the N. Snowden took came from parts of the computer system open to anyone with a high-level clearance.

And part of his job was to move large amounts of data between different parts of the.

But, Mr. Anderson said, Mr.

Anderson said during the interview with the Lawfare blog, part of a podcast series the website plans to run this week. Officials said Mr.

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Snowden, who had an intimate understanding of the N. According to a former government official who spoke recently with Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the N. Snowden was downloading the documents, the spy agency was several months away from having systems in place to catch the Blind nsa date. As investigations by the F. Officials Say U. Log In.

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