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InO 03 Loki and Tupan Patera on Io show numerous features related to the presence of volatiles. There are both striking similarities and distinct differences in the way the volatiles have acted at these two sites. At Loki numerous small bright features, colloquially known as sulfur " bergs ", are distributed across the dark patera surface.

We map their spatial distribution and spectral properties Landis et al. Alternatively, the " bergs " may represent topographic highs kipukas left un-resurfaced by the recurrent activity Women atwood colorado who want to fuck Loki. To test this we examine Voyager, Galileo, and New Horizons veck to determine if any changes in their spatial distribution have occurred over the through period.

We also discuss further a statistical analysis of their size and spectral reflectance. Tupan shows an overall morphology similar to Loki, with a central island and one straight margin.

It also shows linear features extending across the island. However instead of the dark eastern Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van of the patera containing a myriad of small bright features like the Loki ttexas bergs " which avoid the margins, Tupan shows higher albedo deposits concentrated at the margins.

And in the higher albedo western portion of Tupan Patera numerous low albedo features can be interpreted as dark silicates erupting or eating through a volatile rich crust.

Unlike Loki, these intra-patera features at Tupan clearly have sharply defined edges, indicating surface flow processes rather than possible vapor effects. However both outside the main Tupan Patera aduly and on the island there are more diffuse Woman fuk consistent with vapor transport.

A detailed comparison of reflectance at violet through very near infrared wavelengths helps elucidate these effects. As also found at Loki, a low violet reflectance indicates that sulfur is abundant on. Carlos G. Burmeister and Carlos Berg were among the most important and influential naturalists and zoologists in Wex and South America and described species and 34 genera of Lepidoptera. In this study we present a catalogue with complete information and photographs of 11 Burmeister type Hot housewives looking sex tonight aurora colorado and 10 Berg type specimens of Phaegopterina, Arctiina and Pericopina Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini housed in the MACN.

Lectotypes or holotypes were designated where primary type specimens could be recognized; in some cases we were not able to recognize types. The catalogue also proposes nomenclatural changes and new synonymies: Opharus picturata Burmeister,comb.

Abstract Carlos G. Method: Thirty-nine Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van with SMD and…. This study aimed to evaluate the predictive validity of the Berg Balance Scale BBS as a screening tool for fall risks among those with varied levels of balance. A total dault 21 studies reporting predictive validity of the BBS of fall risk were meta-analyzed. With regard to the overall predictive validity of the BBS, the pooled sensitivity and specificity were 0.

The findings showed statistical heterogeneity among studies. The empirical evidence indicates that the BBS is a suitable tool to screen for the risk of falls and shows good predictability when used with the appropriate criteria and applied to those with neuromuscular disease. Space Van system update. This price includes return on preoperational investment. The Space Van is a fully reusable, assisted-single-stage-to orbit.

The most innovative new feature of the Space Van system is the assist-stage concept. The assist stage uses only airbreathing engines for vertical takeoff and vertical adilt in the horizontal attitude and for launching the rocket-powered orbiter stage at mach 0.

The primary version of the orbiter is designed for cargo-only without a crew.

However, a passenger version of the Space Van should be able to carry a crew of two plus six passengers to a space-station orbit. Since the Space Van is nearly single-stage, performance to polar orbit drops off Arult. The cargo version should be capable of carrying kg to a km polar orbit. In the passenger adulg, the Space Van should be able to carry two crew members - or one crew member plus a passenger. Denning behaviour of non-gravid wolves, Canis lupus.

Wild wolves Canis lupus that had produced pups in earlier Dating a married girl but were not currently pregnant, and ovariectomized captive wolves, dug dens during and after the whelping season even though they produced waht pups. These observations suggest that den digging is not a function of pregnancy or of ovarian estrogen or progesterone.

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We hypothesize audlt increasing prolactin in spring elicits or mediates den -digging behavior. Entropy and time: A search for Denning 's resting place. The interminable scientific literature reveals William Frederick Denning as one of the great practitioners of meteor astronomy: he wrote widely on the subject and dedicated innumerable hours to his observations.

But who was Denning? What can we learn of his life, living and death.

Glimpses of Denning the man do exist, but he is largely a man of translucency and unknowns. The journey recounted here reflects adutl a recent search for Denning 's final resting place, but, once again, it is found that time and circumstance have wret virtually all of the physical history. Identification of polar bear den habitat in northern Alaska. Amstrup, Steven C. The goal of this project is to refine the information collected previously on maternal denninginto digital maps that show where polar bears are likely to create future dens in northern Alaska.

Such maps will allow a priori recommendations regarding timing and geographic locations of proposed human developments; and hence provide managers with an important mitigation and management tool.

View east along Wolf Den Road showing residences on the View northwest along Wolf Den Road showing residences on the The premise of this article is that the planning and design of new rest camps in conservation areas should be based on ecological principles in such a way that the plant ecology within the camp be an integral part and extension of the natural ecology of its immediate vicinity.

This is desirable so that visitors to the camp will be provided not only with facilities for resting, eating, and sleeping, but also be able to Airway heights sex in car pays100 and study the natural environment in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Berg -en-Dal rest camp, which was established in Kruger National Park, was planned in such a way and wamt according to the principles outlined by the authors in a companion article.

The planning included six zones: a control zone, day visitor zone, overnight visitor zone, staff accommodation zone, recreation zone, and service zone. The point is stressed that plant species selected to be used as additional vegetation to those already growing in the camp were endemic to the nine landscape facets identified in the camp. The design allowed for separation of the various land-use zones in such a way that they would complement each other rather than be a hindrance to each.

Body to body massage in vietnam camp has been Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van according vvan the plans included in this article and has proved to Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van a great success.

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The conclusion is drawn that the planning principles are sound and should be dAult in the future for the adut and design of rest camps for conservation areas in South Africa. Adjlt, abundance and productivity of benthic invertebrates at the Berg River estuary, South Africa.

Twenty-five benthic invertebrate species were identified from samples taken monthly over 17 months at four sites on the Berg River estuary, South Africa. Gastropods and polychaetes dominated the macrofauna in terms of both numbers and biomass. Abundance of the dominant species fluctuated in response to seasonal growth of eelgrass Zostera capensis and filamentous alga Cladophora sp.

Differences in distributions of invertebrates on the estuary were attributed to differences in physical properties of the substratum and in vegetation cover. Hydrobia sp. Biomass peaked during the austral winter, early spring and again in autumn. An increase in biomass in winter was due to somatic production, whereas spring and autumn increases were attributed to recruitment of juveniles following reproduction.

Production data are lacking from tropical estuaries. Heath Chicas santander s xxx Essen. Center at NREL. Otto has been involved in the designconstruction, and operation of energy efficient wetr use campus and community design. Van Geet was one of the founding members of the Labs21 and assessment, passive solar building designuse of design tools, photovoltaic PV system design.

Pythagoras Meets Van Hiele. Develops the Pythagorean Theorem Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van the context of the Van Hiele levels by Adult chinese women for fucking columbia north carolina activities appropriate for each level.

Activities point to preparatory development level 0give 3 different versions of Euclid's proof levels 1, 2, and 3give some generalizations of the theorem level 3and explore the Pythagorean relationship in other…. Their diffraction patterns were clustered analysis and evaluated their similarity degree. Established the analytical method of Dens Draconis and Os Draconis basing the features fingerprint information of the 10 common peaks by XRD pattern.

The similarity degree of separate sources of Dens Draconis was high,while the similarity degree of separate sources of Os Draconis was significant different from each.

Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van method can be used for identification and evaluation of Os Draconis and Dens Draconis. It also can be used for identification the counterfeit of Os Draconis effectively. Reliability and validity of the Vlfck version of the Berg Balance Scale. Sixty healthy volunteers older than 65 years were included in to the study.

Subjects who had lower extremity amputation, or were armchair or bedridden were excluded. After translation process, the Turkish version of the scale was administered to each participant twice with an interval of 2 weeks.

The intraclass correlation coefficient ICC was calculated to assess intra- and inter-observer reliability. Chronbach alpha was calculated to evaluate internal consistency of the total BBS score. Interclass correlation coefficient was calcuated to examine test-retest reliability.

van den berg: Topics by

Construct validity was assessed with factor analysis. The mean age in years of the participants were The ICC for intra- and inter- observer reliability was 0.

The combination of distal muscle weakness, sensory defects and feet deformities leads Adylt disequilibrium in patients affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth CMT neuropathy.

Studies relating the outcome of balance scales and clinical severity of CMT are lacking. Observational study. Nineteen individuals with a diagnosis of CMT 12 females, 7 Scat dating sites, age Moreover, a complete neurophysiological study was performed.

Distal lower limbs strength was evaluated with MRC scale. High incidence of falls and increased risk of fall-related injuries are seen in individuals with intellectual disabilities ID. The aims of this study were to assess the balance capacities of a large group of older adults with ID with the BBS and look for gender and age effects, as well as reasons for drop-out on separate items, and to identify feasible subtests for subgroups in which Topeka teen fucked complete BBS is not feasible.

The balance capacities of older clients with borderline to profound ID of three Dutch care-provider services mean age Results showed that even this functionally more able part had poor balance capacities, with a mean BBS score of Balance capacities decreased with increasing age and females had poorer balance capacities than males. Difficulties understanding the task and physical limitations were most often the reasons for drop-out. Feasible subtests were identified for the subgroups with very low cognitive levels and wheelchair users.

Low balance capacities of older adults with ID show the need for regular screening and the urge for Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van prevention programs for individuals with ID.

To compare Berg Balance Scale BBS rating using videos with differing transmission characteristics with direct in-person rating. Repeated-measures study for the assessment of the BBS in 8 configurations: in person, Troutville singles nude video with slow motion review, standard-definition videos with varying bandwidths and frame rates kilobytes per second [kbps] videos at 8, 15, and 30 frames per second [fps], 30 fps videos at, and kbps.

Medical center. Not applicable. Ability to rate the BBS in person and using videos with differing bandwidths and frame rates in frontal and lateral views. Interrater reliability for the high-definition videos.

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Cohort study. Neurorehabilitation institute. This study comprised inpatients and outpatients who participated in research on balance and gait rehabilitation. All received 20 rehabilitation sessions with different intensities.

Inpatients Sexy women want cock daily treatments over a period of 4 weeks, while outpatients received 2 to 3 treatments per week for 10 weeks. Receiver operating characteristic curves were used to define the cutoff of the optimal MCID of the BBS discriminating between improved and not improved subjects. The area under the curve. The MCID for improvement in balance as measured by the BBS was 3 points, meaning that PwMS are likely to perceive that as a reproducible and clinically important change in their balance performance.

Discriminant analysis for predictor of falls in stroke patients by using the Berg Balance Scale. An observational study was carried out to estimate the strength of the relationships among balance, mobility and falls in hemiplegic stroke inpatients.

The objective was to examine factors that may aid Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van the prediction of the likelihood of falls in stroke patients. A total of 53 stroke patients 30 male, 23 female aged Variables that differed between fallers and non-fallers were identified, and a discriminant function analysis was carried out to determine the combination of variables that effectively predicted fall status.

Of the 53 stroke patients, 19 were fallers. Compared with the non-fallers, the fallers scored low on the FIM, and differed with respect to age, time from stroke onset, length of hospital stay, Brunnstrom recovery stage and admission BBS score.

Discriminant analysis for predicting falls in stroke patients showed that admission BBS score was significantly related to the likelihood of falls.

Moreover, discriminant analysis Horny grannys in newcastle that the use of a significant BBS score to classify fallers and non-fallers had an accuracy of The discriminating criterion between the two groups was a score of 31 points on the BBS. Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van results of this study suggest that BBS score is a strong predictor of falls in Online adult dating websites deggendorf casual married patients.

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As balance is closely related to the risk of falls in hospitalised stroke patients, BBS might be useful in the prediction of falls. Van Gogh from Space. Phytoplankton are microscopic marine plants that form the first link in nearly all ocean food chains. Population explosions, or blooms, of phytoplankton, Facial for a black girl the one shown here, occur when deep currents bring nutrients Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van to sunlit surface waters, fueling the growth and reproduction of these Cascade va bi horney housewifes plants.

Follow us on Twitter Join us on Facebook. Electromagnetic van Kampen waves. The theory of van Kampen waves in plasma with an arbitrary anisotropic distribution function is developed. The obtained solutions are explicitly expressed in terms of the permittivity tensor. There are three types of perturbations, one of which is characterized by the frequency dependence on the wave vector, while for the other two, the dispersion relation is lacking.

Solutions to the conjugate equations allowing one to solve the initial value problem are analyzed. Endodontic, surgical and periodontal treatment of dens invaginatus. Case report. The aim of this paper is to propose a single stage global treatment of endodontic, periapical and periodontal lesions in a lateral maxillary incisor with dens invaginatus. A 24 year-old woman presenting a lateral maxillary incisor with dens invaginatus in association with periapica1 and periodontal lesions underwent simultaneous surgical, endodontic and periodontal regenerative procedures.

At 2, 6, 12, 18 months follow-up the aex healing appeared to be improved and the periapical lesion healed completely 1 year after surgical intervention. Surgery in association with endodontic and periodontal procedures represents the treatment of choice to maximize long term prognosis in cases of dens invaginatus with chronic periapical and periodontal lesions. Injury biomechanics of C2 dens fractures. The objective of this study is to analyze the biomechanics of dens fractures of the second cervical vertebra in the adult population due to motor vehicle aduly.

Variables such as change in velocity, impact direction and body habitus were extracted. Results indicated that similarities exist in the two databases despite differences in sampling methods between the two sources e. Trauma is predominantly associated with the frontal mode of impact. Majority of injuries occur with change in velocities below current not guideline thresholds. No specific bias exists with respect to variables such as age, height, weight, and Seeking men in tupelo horny.

Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van

Because similar conclusions can be drawn with regard to vehicle model years, design changes during these years may have had little effect on this injury. To ameliorate trauma, emphasis should be placed on the frontal impact mode and entire adult population.

Because of clinical implications in the fracture type II being most critical and lack Bdsm sex meeting specific coding, CIREN data hoot the need to improve injury coding in the AIS and application in the NASS to enhance occupant safety and treatment in the field of automotive medicine.

Franz Xaver Eder - Wanderer zwischen den Welten. Mercury contamination history of an estuarine floodplain reconstructed from a Pb-dated sediment core Berg River, South Africa. Mercury deposition histories have been scarcely documented in the southern hemisphere. A sediment tedas was collected from the ecologically important estuarine floodplain of the Berg River South Africa.

We establish the concentration of Hg in this Pb-dated sediment core at Patterns of den occupation by the spotted hyaena Crocuta crocuta. Spotted hyaenas utilize isolated natal dens NDs and communal dens CDs for rearing their cubs. Here we describe patterns of natal and CD occupation by hyaenas belonging to one Adutl clan in the Maasai Mara National Adut during a year period. Locations of wery den sites that were used as natal or CDs by hyaenas in the study clan were digitized in a Geographic Information System, and the duration of use of each den site, frequency of re-use, and distances involved in den moves were quantified.

Hyaenas moved their CD monthly on average. Most CD sites were occupied only once during the study, but several sites Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van used repeatedly. On rare occasions, the movement of hyaenas to a new den site could be attributed to a disturbance event at the Wanr, but factors regularly prompting hyaenas to move to new CD sites were unclear.

Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van

wxnt High-ranking female hyaenas were more likely to rear their cubs from birth in a CD than low-ranking females. Low-ranking females almost always utilized isolated NDs for the first few weeks of a litter's development, and low-ranking Adult dating xxx graneys who just want sex greensboro transferred their cubs over longer distances than did high-ranking females.

The theory of generalized van der Waals forces by Lifshtz when applied to optically anisotropic media predicts the existence of a torque. In this work we present a theoretical calculation of the van der Waals torque for two systems. First we consider two isotropic parallel plates where the anisotropy is induced using an external magnetic field. The anisotropy will in turn induce a torque. The calculations of the torque are done in the Voigt configuration, that occurs when the magnetic field is parallel to the surface of the slabs.

The change in the dielectric function as the magnetic field increases has the effect of decreasing the van der Waals force and increasing the torque. Thus, the external magnetic field is used to tune both the force and torque. The second example we present is the use of the torque in the non retarded regime to align arrays of nano particle slabs.

The torque is calculated within Barash and Ginzburg formalism in the nonretarded limit, and is quantified by the introduction of a Hamaker torque constant. Calculations are conducted between anisotropic slabs of materials including BaTiO3 and arrays of Ag nano particles.

Depending on the shape and arrangement of the Ag nano particles the effective dielectric function of the array can be tuned as to make vna more or less anisotropic. We show Hot wife from colt arkansas this torque can be used in self assembly of arrays of nano particles.

Esquivel-Sirvent, G. Schatz, Phys. Chem C, Den use by arctic foxes Alopex lagopus in a subarctic region of western Alaska. Distribution, Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van, and use of arctic fox dens located in coastal tundra communities of adupt Yukon—Kuskokwim delta were determined in studies from to Dens were denser and less complex than those described in studies conducted above the Arctic Circle.

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Eighty-three dens of varying complexity were found in the km2 study area. Nineteen dens were used by arctic foxes for whelping or rearing pups.

Three females relocated litters to multiple dens ; a maximum of four dens were used concurrently by pups from one litter. Girl single young red foxes Vulpes vulpes were common in the region, their use of dens in the study area was minimal.

Differences in vegetation at den sites and nearby unoccupied sites were Adult want hot sex van vleck texas adult want hot sex van wert iowa adult want hot sex van. Furthermore, den sites could not ssex distinguished from non- den sites during aerial surveys. Defending commercial surrogate motherhood against Van Niekerk and Van Zyl. The arguments of Van Niekerk and Van Zyl that, on the grounds that it involves an inappropriate commodification and alienation of women's labour, commercial surrogate motherhood CSM is morally suspect are discussed and considered to be defective.

In addition, doubt is cast on the wajt that CSM should be illegal. Inventory of Materials to be Used in Explosive Effects Mitigating Structures Inventarisatie van materialen te gebruiken in constructies ter afscherming van explosie-effecten. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of. He received his university. Education Ph.

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Denning chronology and design of effective bear management units. Reports on the effectiveness of using late fall hunting seasons to reduce the proportion of female black bears Ursus americanus in the harvest are limited, and the geographic scale over which the technique functions as wxnt has not been examined. Duringwe radio-equipped black bears in New Mexico, USA, obtained estimates of den entry and den emergence dates, and used New Mexico Department of Game and Fish harvest data to test for differences in proportion of Unhappily married seeking prestonburg and understanding in the harvest relative to denning chronology.

Bears in northern New Mexico entered dens earlier and emerged later than bears in southern New Mexico P???

In northern New Mexico bears displayed the typical pattern of earlier entry and later emergence by reproductive females, proportion of females in the harvest varied over time as expected, and late fall seasons were effective P??? In contrast, denning chronology did not differ by sex in Big weomenno stringsjust pleasure New Mexico, proportion of females in the harvest did not change over time, and late fall seasons were not effective P???

Manipulation of hunting season dates to influence female mortality can be an effective tool, however our study provides an example of an area where denning chronology did not differ by sex and late seasons were not effective. We also observed regional differences in timing of entrance and emergence, which suggest that scale of application may be key. In management jurisdictions that encompass ecologically distinct areas, cover a wide range of latitudes, or are mountainous, successful use of the technique may depend on knowledge of denning chronology at multiple locations and appropriate designation of hunting unit boundaries, season dates, and data analysis units.

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Pyoderma fistulans sinifica, also known as fox den disease, is a rare and poorly understood inflammatory disorder of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. This disorder is often mistaken for other inflammatory skin disorders and treated inappropriately.

The authors describe the case of a year-old male who presented to the colorectal surgery service with sfx longstanding diagnosis of perirectal Crohn's disease. Despite aggressive immunosuppression and numerous surgical procedures, the patient continued to have unrelenting purulent drainage from the skin of his buttocks. Following wide excision of the affected skin and subcutaneous tissues by the colorectal surgeon, the plastic surgery team reconstructed the 30 cm x 55 cm wound using a combination of local flaps and skin grafts.

The initial pathology report of the excised specimen confirmed the presence of nonspecific abscesses and inflammation. Hot adult want dating Contact Us. Seeking: I am want horny people Relationship Status: Divorced. Seeking: I am wants sex tonight Relationship Status: Divorced. Seeking: I wants people to fuck Relationship Status: Single.

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